Battery Back Up System

        There is nothing worse than unexpected loss of commercial power, especially when your computers are on. There is a potential loss of data and irreversible damage to the files that are open. This applies to todays' Telephone system as well as they also contain either floppy disks, hard disks or flash cards where its operating system and data files are stored.

        The good news is that Biax Communications has the solution. Let us install 6-hour UPS or battery back-up, for your computers and especially the PBX and the voicemail systems. You can save money by avoiding costly repairs by installing these battery back-ups. It is also suitable for the WiFi and network and internet equipment.

       There are many battery back ups on the market, however we selected one that is suitable for MITEL PBX. We have tested our system and discovered that it provides over 6 hours of conineous power to SX200 Digital and SX200 Lightware, SX200 Voice over IP and  MITEL SX50 digital PBX. In addition it will provide power for external voicemail system and related products. Depending on your system you may need more than one UPS to provide power in case of power failure.

       We have added quick disconnect external plug that makes it easy to replace the batteries. Simply disconnect and replace the batteries then reconnect. There is no need to power down the UPS or the connected devices. The batteries are stored safely and  conveniently below the custom made shelf.

       Save money on costly repairs. Call Biax today to order yours.