Hotel Phones

These low cost analog phones are commonly used in the lodging industry. 

Biax provides stylish phones that includes data ports, optional feature buttons and speaker phones that do not need wall adaptor. At no extra cost Biax provides custom printed instruction plates and logo in black ink. In addition we can provide and install room numbers on each phone and custom program the feature buttons per your request. All phones are assembled, tested and delivered to your property at no extra charge.

Call Biax to place the order for these new phones.

If you order phones that have feature buttons - Biax shall program these buttons for the functions that you have requested. The upper image is an example of  this type of phone.

The function buttons are programmed to an index number of a speed dialing list. The PBX is then programmed to dial the actual destination number. If the destination number is changed then only the setting in the PBX needs to change. This helps to not have to reprogram the buttons on each phone.

For example if a button is set-up to dial a speed dialing number that is then programmed to dial a taxi service and the taxi service has stopped its service then a new taxi service phone number can be reprogrammed in the PBX. The phone button continue to dial the same speed dialing index number.

Note - Speed dialing or auto-dialing or abbreviated dialing means the same process. 

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